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From a takeaway coffee for a relaxing sit in the park, to a breakfast or lunch catchup in the cafe itself, One on La Balsa is always a pleasure both in the standard of customer service, value for money and quality of product. Thank you for your consistency in being so great.
Alisa Webb
Reviewing as I'm enjoying breakfast. Had a fritatta with a salad, acai bowl and caramel latte. Delicious healthy and worth every cent we have just found our new local. Just go there try it and you'll be hooked.
Isaac Kaui
Love a decent eggs bene and all of the ingredients were spot on. The service was top notch and as you can see they make sure you leave full and satisfied.
Joshua Cummings
The cafe is perfectly positioned wth views of the park and marina. Roasted vegetable stack excellent as was the beef burger and fries my partner had. Coffees creamy and delicious. I look forward to eating the delightful looking desserts next time. All foods reasonably priced. Thoroughly recommend this place and the staff are very friendly and accommodating.
Sue Brennan
Cafe welcomes canines. The days of deciding whether to take the dog with you for the morning walk or if you will have a cuppa afterwards are a thing of the past for residents of Point Cartwright. It may only have been opened for a couple of months, but already the One On La Balsa cafe on the tip of Point Cartwright and opposite the park, has proven popular among the locals, not least of all because of its dog-friendly policies. Dani Lemarseny, who owns and runs the cafe with husband Jeff, explained that allowing patrons to bring their dogs to the eatery had struck a chord with many in the area. “We have an area down the back which is shaded where owners can tie up their dogs,” Dani explained. “We have water bowls there for them to drink from and I will be bringing in dog biscuits for them as well. That way their owners can sit and have a cuppa or some breakfast and be able to see their dog so they are able to relax. The dogs can be kept separate from the other dogs or left together if that is what the owners want. It is popular because a lot of people walk around this area of a morning and so many of them have a dog. This way they don’t have to take their dog home and then come back for breakfast after their walk or run. The area the dogs are in is away from the food and it’s not hurting anyone. In fact, people love it.” Dani, who admits to being a “major dog freak” said it had been a part of the business plan when the family bought the property at 1 Harbour Parade. “When we first purchased we knew we wanted to have a place where people could bring their dogs when they had their morning walk,” Dani said. Dani, who has two dogs, a German shepherd, Millie, and a shitzu-poodle, Bear, as well as three daughters Brittany, 16, Hayley, 15 and Kelly, 12, admits she sometimes brings her own beloved mutts in to the cafe just so they are near her.
Angie Kay
Cafe scene is buzzing. Coast cafe culture just got an espresso shot in the arm with the opening of two new establishments on the southern end of the region. A short drive up the Nicklin Way, right on the water at Point Cartwright’s glorious La Balsa park, you will find One on La Balsa. Anyone who has visited this spot would no doubt have asked themselves why there wasn’t a cafe taking advantage of a regular passing trade and picturesque location. Dani Lemarseny asked herself that question, and did something about it, knocking down the house at 1 Harbour Parade and constructing a building with holiday letting on the upper floors and a cafe on the ground floor. One on La Balsa opened two months ago and has been “flat out” ever since. “There was nothing here,” she said... “People would walk here or come to that new little beach, but find there was nowhere to get anything to eat. We offer breakfast and lunch, but it’s a bit different to what you get everywhere else."
Rebecca Marshall
If you're a coffee drinker this is THE PLACE. Apr 2, 2010 I came across this place while house sitting and walking the dogs (at 5:30am) each morning. The walk starts on a dog-friendly beach then winds along a river and finishes up in a park area with One on LaBalsa right on the corner. Because we weren't sure about our two dogs we started off sitting in the park and they owners would deliver the coffee and breakfast to us. Later as we became more confident about the dogs they were simply tied up on the lawn in front of the café and we would sit inside. GREAT COFFEE and tasty tasty breakfasts. Staff were unbelievable friendly and helpful. Could not recommend this place too highly.
..One on La Balsa is blessed with a 'Luna Park' location at Point Cartwright, enjoying a north westerly aspect across La Balsa Park and the Mooloolah River broadwater beyond...One on La Balsa and the salty sea breezes that make it one of the Coast’s most comfortable and relaxed dining experiences!
Travis Schultz, Sunshine Coast Daily
...they're well worth a visit, and even if I were staying somewhere else, I'd make a special trip to One on La Balsa for the corn cakes alone.
Alison Cotes, Courier Mail